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Brian KCompanions are treated with high-ranking respect, making it a preferable life choice that some women idealizeThe noble finds out and whips the sailor across the face, nearly blinding her; the weredragon is furious when he finds out, but local law doesn’t condemn nobles who injure or even cripple commonersThe fact that no one even considers it worth mentioning that she’s black is also accurate, since pirates loved stealing slave vessels (they had a lot of room), but had no interest in the slaves on themGaius Marius’ negotiation with Gaius Julius Caesar (grandfather of Caesar the Dictator) to marry his daughter Julia (that is, whichever of two Julias he prefers)In the text the narrator clearly states that his treatment as a child was horribly abusive, and if anything The Persian Boy is a scathing, vicious denunciation of child sexual abuseNaofumi on the other hand is squicked when attending executions where the people are happily cheering but reminds himself that it used to be common on Earth in the pastThe Jade Emperor calls her to the Celestial Plane over the incident, where he commends her for her actions – in his eyes, she was protecting her virtue, and exercising her right as a princess to pass judgment on a criminal14She finds out that the penalty for attacking a commoner would have gotten him hard labor, and is disgusted to learn that the servant will die for class issuesThey also include some odd ancient Chinese fetishes, like when one of the men mentions he wants a girl “paler than the moon.” Also, when they’re not going on about what women should be like, they’re going on about how important it is to “Be a man!” in the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” songA Song of Ice and Fire has this in spadesFan Works Racer and the Geek brings this up frequently when mercenaries get involvedMany an antagonist in his works is a thoroughly evil villain from the protagonist’s perpective, but is “good” by his own code as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, Knight Templar, or an example of outright Blue and Orange MoralityHe apparently changes his mind later, as when he becomes Autarch, he announces his intention to abolish his former guild, but clearly intends executions to continueLaurence is a bleeding heart liberal in many ways (chief of which is being a staunch abolitionist), but sexuality seemed to be his limit


(And then there’s how the guy is a borderline Bastard Boyfriend, but that’s something else.) In Ojamajo Doremi, Momoko, a Japanese-American, accidentally offends Hazuki and Onpu by openly criticizing their lack of skill in cooking, but doesn’t understand why26And this is because these are lucky prostitutes – the current madame is a former Companion, but before she showed up most of the girls were cruelly abused and heavily addicted to drugs so they could be kept in line.) Torchwood has Clem, a 60+ year old man had been in a fugue state since he was about twelve, spout this Non Sequitur after he had already smelled that Gwen was pregnantIn one of the most emotionally fraught chapters, Livia Drusa’s brother Drusus not only imprisons her inside their home her entire life, but he also forces her to marry his friend Servilius, a man she despisesThis new fledgling weredragon was the literal other half of both his soulsMuch of the unmentioned countryside is overrun by ‘orcs’ or Black/Hispanic gangsLet’s see Servilia compete with a soft young boy like youSnow, I believe these to be Negro eggsNotably, this draws criticism from feminist groups, due to the in-universe admiration Companions earn, while forgetting the much less appealing portrayal of life for more ordinary prostitutesThis last part is actually necessary, because in the face of any lesser threat turians are psychologically incapable of surrenderIn the 1800s, foundation agents labeled the desire of slaves to escape to freedom as an SCP phenomenonMinor sins include using magic to ‘shortcut’ daily tasks, major ones include intentionally invoking magical backlash 89584491e5

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